Tools For Your Tuesday: 3 Daily Self Care Practices for Your Craft

If you didn’t know, I wear several hats as a scientist/engineer, entrepreneur, and performing artist. One of the biggest problems I hear from coworkers, business owners, and artists alike is how hard it is to stay focused and get better at their craft on the day to day. In my opinion, all success starts with the little moments of discipline when making decisions on how to spend your time every day. To better master those moments, it helps to be focused, relaxed, and in a positive mental space.

So here are 3 Simple Daily Self Care Practices to help you focus on your craft.


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1.      Meditation

·         Meditation is one of the most powerful tools I use on the daily. It’s essentially the skill to focus the mind while relaxing the body. The best part about meditation to me is learning to understand your thoughts, impulses, habits, and tendencies. You learn to understand who you are and stay calm and present in any scenario because of it. I apply it in every facet or my life from calming nerves before performing to keeping focused while solving difficult problems. Carve out 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins at night to meditate and quite the mind. You’ll see the difference. Learn How Here

2.      Stretching

·         It seems trivial, but stretching in the morning and at night is one of the effective ways I use to “Check In” and “Check Out” of every day. Much like with meditation, stretching helps to identify problem areas in the body. And for me personally, deep breathing and stretching helps my mind to calm and ease into more tranquil state to process the difficulties of the day. Learn Some Stretch’s Here

3.      Positive Self Talk

·         Don’t worry, you don’t have to talk to yourself out loud (Even though I do all the time).  Positive self-talk has done absolute wonders for my confidence, mental health, and belief in my own craft. There is a lot of negativity that surrounds us, especially now. I deeply feel that it helps to take some control of your inputs by feeding your own mind. I periodically give myself pep talks throughout the day to stay focused, energized, and in good spirits. There is something special about hearing yourself compliment your awesomeness J.

Drop a comment and let me know if these tips help\ your journey at all. Check out some Dxtr & Chai Tulani tunes to help you along Everyday.

Honorable Mention

I listen to binaural beats or monks chanting as background music to calm my mind and work more effectively.


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